Top Five Indian Fielders

Masters of Fielding Skills, Top Five Indian Fielders.


  • A good fielder will always save runs in every match.
  • Top five Indian fielders who are always exceptional on the field.

Top Five Indian Fielders

Indian cricket team always known for its strong batting lineup and mystery spin bowling but never regarded as one of the greatest fielding units.

As MS Dhoni said, “A good bowler will take wickets, a good batsman will score runs in some matches. But a good fielder will always save runs for team in every match.”

Here’s a list of top five Indian fielders-

1. Eknath Solkar

(1969-1977, 27 Test matches, 53 catches, batting average 25.42, bowling average 59.44)

The Late Eknath Solkar was an exceptional short leg fielder. Former English player Tony Greig described him as the “best forward short leg fielder”.

Top Five Indian Fielders

He is the only fielder to average more than a catch per innings over a career of more than 12 test innings, he took 53 catches in 50 innings. In those 50 innings, Eknath had higher dismissals than Indian wicket-keepers. Solkar took India to their first test victory in England mainly through his catches.

In test victories, Solkar’s catching stats are even more remarkable – 28 catches in seven wins, with only one catch fewer innings out of 14. All done without helmet.

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2. Mohammed Kaif

(2000-2006, Test/ODIs – 13/125, Catches-14/55, Bat. Avg.- 32.84/32.01)

Mohammed Kaif was one of the finest fielders in the cricket world during his era and probably the best fielder India ever had in the limited-overs cricket. This middle-order batsman has a world record of five catches in a World Cup match.

Kaif was very quick on the field, even take the most difficult diving catches. He had an extremely accurate throw and most of the time his throw found the stumps.

Mohammed Kaif formed one of the world’s most deadliest fielding duo along with Yuvraj Singh.

3. Yuvraj Singh

(2000-2019, Test/ODIs/T20s, matches- 40/304/58, catches- 31/94/12 )

The Pride of Punjab Yuvraj Singh is a brilliant batsman and a handy bowler. He is one of the most athletic fielders that India has ever seen. Yuvi fielding primarily at point and covers, Yuvraj Singh has a great eye for runouts and taken some marvelous catches throughout his entire career.

With 94 catches in ODIs, Yuvraj is in 6th place amongst Indian fielders with most catches in ODIs. The tall left-hander was a master of fielding for team India in his era.

4. Robin Singh

(1989-2001, Test/ODIs, Matches- 01/136, Catches- 05/33)

 Robin Singh made his debut for team India in 1989. Singh was a handy all-rounder who could bat quickly during the death overs and could bowl well. However, his biggest contribution to the team was his great fielding ability.

Top Five Indian Fielders

He was always athletic in the field and had a strong and accurate arm from the outfield. His high work rate was the reason why Robin Singh was considered as one of the best fielders of his era.

Along with Ajay Jadeja, he helped India to elevate to a better fielding unit. After retirement from cricket, Robin Singh has been the fielding coach of the Indian Cricket Team from 2007-2009.

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5. Ravindra Jadeja

(2009–present, Test/ODIs/T20s, Matches- 46/156/44, Catches- 33/57/20)

Jadeja is one of the quickest fielders in world cricket at present. Former Australian great Shane Warne once called Ravindra Jadeja “Rockstar”. The major reason for that nickname was his outstanding fielding skills.

Top Five Indian Fielders

He has the ability to field at any position. The all-rounder has affected with many mind-boggling fielding efforts.

He has taken some sensational running catches in the outfield and turned matches in favor of team India with his fabulous fielding.

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